In the college of Information Engineering,  there are 143 faculty, including 110 full-time teachers, 90 of whom have doctoral degrees, 16 full professors, and 43 associate professors.

Institute’s main research direction: network distributed computing shipping companies, computer information management systems, pattern recognition, attribute theory, database, data mining and knowledge discovery, multimedia technologies, communication theory and technology, information technology, transportation electronic communication system.

The College has a strong scientific research strength. She has undertaken 863 Projects, the National Natural Science Foundation, the Defense Advance Research, the Ministry of Communications and Shanghai Natural Science Foundation and other major issues. corporate research projects commissioned welcome research.

Institute under the Department of Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Information basic teaching experimental center, the Maritime Institute of Information Engineering and shipping IT Institute. Five existing computer science and technology, information management and information systems, network engineering, electronic engineering, communications engineering undergraduate majors; Information Management and Information System doctorates; computer science and technology, software engineering, information and communication engineering 7 3 a master disciplines; computer application technology, computer software and theory, computer system architecture, communication and information systems, signal and information processing, information management and information systems, software engineering academic the Master points; computer technology, three professional electronics and communication engineering, software engineering master’s degree. The College has four Ministry of Transportation of special laboratory: Laboratory of underwater acoustic sensor networks, Intelligent Marine Network Laboratory, Underwater Information Processing Laboratory, machine vision laboratory.

The main research direction of the college:

Network distributed computing shipping companies

Computer information management system

Pattern Recognition

Attribute Theory Method


Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Multimedia technology

Communication theory and technology

Information Theory and Technology

Traffic electronic communication system

Underwater robotics and intelligent systems

EEG analysis

Computer Measurement and Control System

Image analysis and video processing

Bioinformatics and intelligent sensing system