The Information Engineering Experiment Center was established in September 2006 and Experiment Center of Information and Communication, Computer Engineering and Technology Experiment Center, from integration.Experiment Center of existing teaching equipment total price value of 30 million yuan, the laboratory to use an area of 4300 square meters; dedicated experimental teachers and technical staff of 16 people, including 2 senior, doctorate, graduate qualifications to more than 90%.

Experimental Center 14 conventional teaching laboratories, six research laboratories (underwater acoustic sensor network lab, Intelligent Marine Network Laboratory, underwater information processing laboratories, machine vision laboratory, digital imaging and Intelligent Computing Laboratory marine Internet technology Laboratory) and two college students innovation Lab, assumed the task of conventional experimental teaching of five undergraduate computer science and technology, network engineering, information management and information systems, electronic information engineering and communication engineering, and for curriculum design The graduation design Student Research activities to provide services.

Experimental Center since its inception to the implementation of open service, state-of-the-art performance of existing equipment, full range, to meet the teaching, research needs, teachers and students are welcome to make full use of the experimental center is willing to provide satisfactory service.


Administrative leadership
Officer: An Bowen (38282870)
Deputy Director: Question of Var Compensator (38,282,881) (38,282,890)